17 July 2018

Property Management in Alberta is Enhanced with Call Centre Support

If you work in property management, you know how busy it can be. Problems can pop up for your tenants at any time, day or night, and if you’re the person in charge of fielding phone calls, it can get hectic. However, property management in Alberta is enhanced with call centre support. You don’t have to do it all on your own–here’s how call centre support can help you.

Out-of-hours and emergency calls

Property issues don’t just happen during business hours. Pipes burst, electrical issues crop up, and you’re bound to have people who need assistance with their property just when you’re least available to take the call. When you use a call centre to answer calls, you’re giving your clients around the clock access to a live person who can coordinate the necessary action depending on the problem.

By always being available to your clients, you’ll provide them with a superior level of service. No more waking up to missed calls from angry tenants or disasters that could have been avoided if they’d been handled immediately. Call centre support is good for everyone in these situations.

Coordination and planning

If your property management team is large, it can be tricky trying to coordinate everyone, but call centre support can make this easier. They can dispatch maintenance staff as needed, schedule property viewings, and even help with the coordination of routine maintenance and inspections.

If you’ve ever been called in the middle of the night for an ‘emergency’ that turned out to be something that could have waited? A call centre can prioritize the true emergencies and send someone out to take care of them, if necessary, so you don’t have to.


Never miss a potential client because you couldn’t take a call. Call centre service reps can handle calls inquiring about vacancies and they can also schedule showings for you.

Still not sure exactly how a call centre could help your property management business? Schedule a meeting with one of Answer 365’s knowledgeable staff members and they’ll show you exactly how you can benefit from the use of call centre support.